Stay Safe: Know When Your Abuser Gets Out

Sign up for victim notifications so you can be prepared for when your abuser is let out of prison


Like many other survivors of domestic violence, Mary Byron was told she would be notified when her abuser was being released from jail. Unfortunately, like many others, that notification never came. Rather, Byron went to work at a mall in Louisville, Ky., as usual on Dec. 6, 1993. After her shift, as she sat in the parking lot warming up her car to drive home, she was gunned down—shot seven times at close range by her abuser. Someone had posted bail for Byron’s ex-boyfriend and law enforcement failed to warn her. She died on her 21st birthday.

“The community was really shaken by the story. They said there is an obvious gap in the system, and we don’t ever want this to happen again,” says Krisy Bucher, marketing analyst in the public safety division of Appriss, a company that helps provide technology to communities to prevent tragedies like Byron’s.


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